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Broadcasters can turn any live production into a global web broadcast because PSE makes it easy to get your event on to popular streaming services such as YouTube Live, Facebook Live and many more.


The PSE system lets you take feeds from upstream SDI or HDMI broadcast infrastructure and instantly transmit it over the internet to the entire world!


PSE lets you stream high quality video through our equipment and software to websites such as Skype, YouTube Live, Twitch, Facebook Live, Periscope, LiveStream, and Wirecast, our software is designed to deliver high quality with perfectly synced audio & video.


This is possible because all video software is generally tested on webcams built into computers, however PSE tricks these software tools into thinking it’s also a simple webcam, but delivers dramatically higher video & audio transmission quality.


The PSE system is the fastest and easiest way to get live video directly on to the web for a new generation of web broadcasting. Simply connect video sources such as a professional SDI camera or an HDMI source like a consumer camera or computer into the PSE vision mixer which then connects to our computer’s USB port, that’s all we need to do